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April 3, 2023
I never really liked the tea – a poem
June 6, 2023

The laws of life – a short essay

un text de Ana Oprișan

I am writing because they told me to never start a sentence with ‘because’. But I wasn’t trying to write a sentence, I was trying to escape the norm. Because freedom, I was told, was just the distance between the bullet and it’s target, a matter of seconds. I’m scared since I don’t want to exist my whole life waiting for a minute of bliss. I miss freedom more than I remember it. If I start writing beautiful words I might not even know where to begin, because, in fact, liberty does not have a true definition. It just exists, like most of us do. And, while everyone around me says that nothing lasts forever, not even freedom, I think that they are afraid that it will last longer than they can love it.

It is said that snowflakes are all different, but the blizzard covers all of us the same. It goes the same way for freedom: one might say that it means the liberty to act however one wants, but I think it’s the virtue that offers you the opportunity to express yourself, to let go of your past mistakes and to have this chance of your name not carrying faults. Whatever the definition is, people all around the world can agree that freedom, nevertheless, bears ones’ wish to be oneself.

The rules, as city streets, can only take you where you’ve already been. That’s not how freedom goes. It is a choice in which you have to take the highway, to put in effort and to give it all, for in the end, you’ll stand on a mountain and be able to catch a sight of the whole world. And what if all I ever wanted was a life? My life? Then it’s about high time I started to live. Because all this time we thought we were born from war, but we are born from beauty: the beauty of freely choosing who we want to be. And since to remember is an option, one shall always just remember when one has truly lived, yearning for true liberty.

To conclude, never be afraid to live, because you might just end up existing. Restricting your freedom and not letting yourself enjoy what truly matters to you may be the great death of your life, since we can decide whether we die at all or not. So remember, you’re already free. You’re all ready. Already gone.

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