Cum e să lucrezi cu adolescenții?
September 8, 2019
December 12, 2019

Stepping stones to adulthood – eseul unui learnitaș pentru admiterea la facultate

In life, everybody figures out who they are, what they believe in and what they value most. Some of us actively try to challenge ourselves, constantly searching for ways to improve, while others are barely passersby, watching while life flows in front of their eyes. Each of us faces a decisive moment when we must choose between taking action or watching others doing so. This critical moment represents the stepping stones to adulthood. For me, it happened when I joined Learnity, and met Silvia Floarea, the founder of this alternative education school.

Two of my friends became Learnity students a year before me. They kept talking about how different it is from the school system, how Learnity deals with interpersonal skills, not just traditional education, how students choose their courses and take responsibility for their learning process. For a whole year, I listened to them, but I wanted to focus only on programming and algorithmics and saw no point in expanding my interests. However, after attending a camp organized by Learnity students, my perspective shifted. I realized how difficult it was for me to talk and open up about certain subjects, so I decided to make a change. 

I was not yet convinced to join Learnity, as I perceived it as being too much of a burden to balance courses while attending Informatics preparations, but I gave it a try. Soon I came to realize that I found my safe place, a group of people who would support me through the journey of finding myself while doing the same for themselves. The first person who greeted me was Silvia. I noticed the way she greeted everyone so kindly, letting us know that our opinions are heard and our efforts appreciated, making sure each of us felt like home. Slowly but surely, I used her guidance as a blueprint to improve upon. In my first year of Learnity, I rediscovered my thirst for learning, attending courses ranging from International Relations and Economy to Philosophy, Debate, and Personal Development. I wanted to broaden my perspectives and surpass myself in every way. The courses were nothing like the lectures I was used to from regular school. We answered questions and worked out each new concept together. I studied for the sake of learning, working on myself until I was ready to do more, give something valuable back to the community that helped me shape myself.

After my first year, Silvia approached me with a plan: she was trying to form a management team that could build on Learnity’s core values and expand them further. That was my chance to put my ideas into action and enhance other students’ learning experiences. I ended up working along four of my friends. We worked, before anything else, as a team, creating the best experiences possible for Learnity students. Under Silvia’s supervision, I had the freedom to organize any kind of event. I led multiple projects, talked to teachers and built workshops and trainings that prioritized student needs. I helped them develop just as I did, by designing the right context to be constantly challenged, but also feel supported in their progress.

I have grown in ways that I couldn’t have imagined before. I learned how to be self-sufficient in my studies, set goals and follow a routine, how to asses myself and my performance, communicate efficiently and much more. The lessons Silvia taught me just by being herself have left an everlasting mark on me. I found in her something I didn’t even know I needed. Learnity was my catalyst, one who taught me how to start looking within myself and take initiative. 

Eseu scris de Sânziana Tudose pentru admiterea la Jacobs University Bremen – Computer Science, din Germania

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