The laws of life – a short essay
April 19, 2023

I never really liked the tea – a poem

A poem by Ana Oprișan

I never really liked the tea

For whom I was, but I’ll never be,

It felt so strange yet I believe

Childhood won’t come again to me.

With chocolate, dolls and many more

I sing once more a song I knew before

I miss the place I yarn to call home,

That vague history which opens another door.

Sunny days, laughter and love,

That’s what my childhood means to me,

When no one and nothing were above

Of the life I used to consider that was free.

But that childhood had been lost

In between the stars and stains

And that period felt like a ghost

To which I was tied with invisible chains.

But as the days got cooler

And winter finally came,

The tea wasn’t so bad after all,

It helped me keep alive the flame

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