Focus crossway

What can you leave out?


Intentions like “develop my leadership” or “become more present” can take years or just a google search. Learning is best approached as an exploratory, organic proces. What is revealed by one step will be used to figure out the next one. The goal only reveals itself with clarity as you advance. To navigate such a process, you need to roughly sketch the far away horizons and sharply define a next step. The first step must have the quality to represent meaningful progress but also to reveal more for the journey ahead.

You start by figuring out what your intention means and breaking it into smaller pieces. Then you divide those pieces into two buckets: [in focus now] and [later or never] until what you have in focus is just about the right size for the resources you have.

The art of this crossway is to notice what is more fertile to be brought to front while noticing the subtle interplay between the narrow focus and the wider view. Energy can be lost by either boundless exploration that gets nowhere or by a too narrow focus that actually loses the connection with the initial intention. Advance to the Strategy Sector when you feel you got the right balance.


Choose this temple if you (still) have something to leave out from your focus.  On this path you break down a big vision into manageable pieces and you organize them into phases / levels.


If what you want to learn is achievable in no more than 3 months, you can choose this path to define clearly the end result and give it a form that will bring life to your learning process.

Symbolic Anchor

If you feel the need to anchor your target (badge) also with a symbolic gesture, this temple will guide you.

Strategy Sector

If your learning intention has become a clear and close enough destination that also motivates you, then you can head towards the Strategy Sector, where you will figure out how to reach that destination.