What do you want to learn?



Note: at this point is important to just write down your intention as it is already present in yourself. Don’t overthink it and try to get it out as it is, without analysing and changing it yet.

Y can be:

• short learning experiment (1-2 weeks and I’ll see)
• self-thought course (one month)
• three-month LEAP
• learning project
• one-year learning journey
• a self-designed open-masters
informal PhD
• lifelong pursuit
• a shapeless exploration
• [be a poet – invent your own words to describe the nature of your endeavor]


*You can replace [learn] with:
[develop], [grow], [acquire], [pick-up], [study], [get], [attain], [get the knack of], [polish], [master], [perfect], [absorb], [explore], [know about], [understand], [grasp], [become competent in], [become literate in], [specialize in]. [train in], etc.


X is what you want to learn in a phrase;