Wayfinding badge

Do you have the confidence that you can learn anything you need?



The holder of this badge finds her way to the learning that she needs for living a more fulfilling life. She has confidence in her ability to acquire a wide range of competences and she takes responsibility for her own learning.


  • [  ] The learner can turn life challenges into learning intentions;

  • [  ] The learner can dissociate possibilities for learning from school-like subjects, and can see a broad range of opportunities to learn things that can improve her life;

  • [  ] The learner has a growth mindset, having confidence in their ability to learn even in unfamiliar settings;

  • [  ] The learner takes responsibility for her own learning.


The evaluation will be made in a conversation with a peer learner, going through each criteria. The badge is awarded if both the learner and the peer judge that all the criteria have been met.