Uncover your direction

What is the direction for your deliberate learning efforts?


Choose a general direction for your learning that feels right.
To do this, first take your list and organize it. Group the elements that are similar. Make categories and arrange them in three lists according to each of these criteria:
• (1) Enthusiasm / Aliveness
• (2) Impact in your life & those of others;
• (3) Resources and Opportunities available to you right now for developing in that
• (4+) Invent more criteria if you need to

Here is a suggestion for the process of making a choice, if the choice is not clear after you organized the lists:

• Step 1: make a spreadsheet, assign points each criteria and do your analysis as thorough as you need to;
• Step 2: Whatever the scores, let it settle. Go for a walk. Forget about the final scores of your analysis and let your mind process it;
• Step 3: The next day or after some time, make the choice without thinking about the scores. Just using your intuition and whatever you choose, don’t look back. That’s the best choice you can make right now, so try not to have second thoughts.


Master this micro-skill:

A 2×2 Matrix to Help You Prioritize the Skills to Learn Right Now (see Joplin for pdf).