Wayfinding crossway – zoom in/out

Do you need to zoom in or zoom out?


Life is a cyclical process. We breath in, breathe out and in again. One makes the other possible. For learning to be alive, it needs the cyclical alternation between divergence and convergence. Divergence means zooming out, exploring widely or randomly, wandering, getting lost, asking the big questions of life and spending time in the unknown. Convergence means zooming in, focusing your efforts on a clear target in the near future and eliminating distractions.

Going divergent for a while creates the need for focus and sustaining a narrow focus for a while creates the need for divergence. The trick of this crossway is to become aware of where you are in this cycle and which of these polarities can enliven your journey. The purpose of WAYFINDING is to wander in a divergent mode until a direction is crystalized.


Choose one of the following:

A. Know Yourself

This is where you will be invited into zooming out, randomness and better self-knowledge so that a direction can emerge. This is the maximum divergence.

B. 1000 things to learn

Go this way if, before choosing a direction, you would like to sit down and collect all the things you would like to learn, maybe brainstorm for some more and also find suggestions to help you see beyond your current radar. With a list that does not miss anything major, you might see some directions emerging and feel more confident to choose one to start with.


Master this skill

Open Masters – Emergent Learning Playbook: I.1 Take Radical Pause