Can you create a good learning strategy?



The holder of this badge has created game-plan for one of his learning objectives that is a thoughtful articulation of what he has and what he needs so that the learning goal is achieved.


  • [ ] the game-plan starts from a careful evaluation of resources, opportunities and barriers to learning;

  • [ ] the learner has selected learning methods & tools that are fit for purpose while being aware of a wide array of options;

  • [ ] the game-plan has concrete sessions/tasks scheduled in calendar with reminders if necessary (or any other organization that works);

  • [ ] a significant proportion of the sessions are dedicated to practice;

  • [ ] the reflection activities are set up in such a way that most of the practice sessions benefit from feedback and insight from past sessions and the experience of others;

  • [ ] the sequence of steps in ordered in such a way that energy and motivation for the learning process is saved and regenerated along the way;

  • [ ] the learning process has enough stakes so that quitting is not an easy option;


In the peer to peer sessions, present your badge to your peer and point out the criteria it checks. If your peer agrees it is checked, then your peer will award you the badge. The badge is awarded if both the learner and the peer judge that all the criteria have been met.