Stakes & Celebration

What will drive you until the end?



Make sure there is an anchor at the end of the learning process that will pull you through difficult times but also excite you. Make a promise to deliver a product for which you will need the skill. Make a bet with a friend. Schedule a performance where you will demonstrate your new skill. Whatever you choose to do, schedule that event and call your friends now. Below you will find more stories and ideas.



Stickk.com is a website where you sign what they call a Commitment Contract. It is a binding agreement you sign with yourself to ensure that you follow through with your intentions—and it does this by utilizing the psychological power of loss aversion and accountability to drive behavior change.

Celebration Day – EU

The last gathering of the Education Unplugged group is dedicated to celebrating our successes and failures. There will be a dedicated moment for each of us to present their “product”. Here you will find some stories of past demos. [not available yet]