Where are you now?


What is your deadline for achieving this badge? How much time can you allocate between now and then? What else do you have to do in this period? Will you have enough attention/enthusiasm/peace of mind for this learning process?

What opportunities to practice can you find in your context between now and the deadline?

What equipment do you need? What kind of weather or other conditions do you need?

What about the people? Is there someone who can encourage you, guide you, cheerlead you or accompany you as a peer learner? Can you get to these people in your context and the kind of relationship you need?

What about guidance. Do you have some tips about what materials to use, what books to read, what steps to follow, etc?

Consider any kind of barriers you might encounter.

Now let’s zoom out from these specific questions and consider the purpose of this step. You need to scan your situation and become aware of what kind of “terrain” you have in front of you, both in terms of resources and opportunities but also threats. Push yourself to scan your context thoroughly so you can identify the aspects of your situation that are not obvious at first glance.

Learning Radar

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