Focus Badge

Can you focus your learning process?



The owner of this badge has set one learning goal in the form of a badge, in a way that brought life to the learning process.


  • [  ] The receiver has created one badge for a real life learning project that checks at least one of the following criteria:

    • [ ] brought energy of play to the learning journey;

    • [ ] brought simplicity and clarity to the learning journey;

    • [ ] focused the learner’s energy on what was most fertile and necessary;

    • [ ] helped the learner track progress so that adjustments can be made and the achievement of the learning goal can be celebrated with confidence;

    • [ ] kindled intrinsic motivation while bringing in the right amount of extrinsic motivation;

    • [ ] brought challenge to the learning process;

    • [ ] helped the learner find the way in the process;


In the peer to peer sessions, present your badge to your peer and point out the criteria it checks. If your peer agrees it is checked, then your peer will award you the badge. The badge is awarded if both the learner and the peer judge that all the criteria have been met.