What is your learning objective?


At the start of a learning process, a badge is a more powerful way to “write down” a learning objective. At the end of the learning process, when you achieve it, a badge becomes a micro-certificate, displaying and describing what you achieved and providing evidence.

There are five steps for creating a badge:

Start by (1) giving your badge an evocative name, then (2) find or draw an image that instantly connects you in a non-verbal way to what you are after and (3) write a description of 2-3 phrases of what the badge is about.

Next, (4) write down what are the criteria that you need to meet so you (and others) know that you achieved the competence you are after. Think of the list of criteria as a checklist. Make sure each criterion specific and measurable. Also, depending on your objective, aim for a set of criteria that does not overlook the Skills (pshychomotor domain / hands), Knowledge (cognitive domain / head) and Attitudes (affective domain / heart).

Finally, (5) describe how the criteria will be monitored and evaluated. Just you or are you going to involve more people? Will you send a portfolio or meet and do a presentation/demonstration? How will you track and document your progress? Will you time track? Will you film your performance and send it? What evidence will you collect and show?

Unless it is a very private pursuit, we advise to make the badge public on Learnity’s Badgr account. You can also see examples of other badges there.


Bloom Taxonomy / Head, Heart, Hands

Bloom Taxonomy Verbs are a useful tool for teachers to write learning objectives as the prepare their lessons. We will use the list to write our criteria for our badge. There are three pyramids, one for each domain of learning: (1) Cognitive (click the image for the pyramid) (2) Psychomotor and (3) Affective.

Name & Description

[this guide for how to write names and descriptions of badges is not available yet]

Evocative Image

Take a look at this collection of skill icons from games, maybe you find some inspiration for creating yours image for the badge.

Why set goals

Here is a handout (in romanian) with 6 ways goals can help.

How to assess

Here is an infographic with ideas of evaluation methods you can use.

A collection of badges

[not available yet] We are working on a collection of good badges. For now, we have the badges from last year.

Wisdom – Understanding – Knowledge – Information – Data.