The cloud tower


What, why and how do you need to learn?

You feel that some DESIGN would bring aliveness and vitality to your deliberate learning process. You need to get some clarity on what you want to learn, why you want to learn that, what are your specific target to focus on and how are you going to reach that.


Do you have a clear direction for your deliberate learning efforts right now? If yes, then use FOCUS towards a clear target and make a STRATEGY to get there. If you are uncertain of what you would need to learn right now, before you go to FOCUS, ZOOM IN/OUT either towards KNOW YOURSELF or realize that YOU CAN LEARN ANYTHING and make a huge list of what you could learn. With that list (or mind-map, vision board etc) UNCOVER YOUR DIRECTION, then go to FOCUS.


Choose FOCUS if you have a vague direction but is not specific and actionable yet. This path guides you from amorphous intention like “adopting a healthier lifestyle” to a measurable objective like “having 5 new vegan recipes in your weekly eating habits, by 10th of October” and a plan to reach that objective.


There is no reason to start moving if you don’t have a rough direction of where you want to go. Before starting to learn something, you might need to find your way, ask the big questions and figure out who you are, where you are with your life and where you need to go next.  WAYFIDING is the wise choice if you need to figure out the what and the why of learning.


Master this micro-skill:


Vision without action is a daydream, Action without vision is a nightmare. — Japanese Proverb.
Learning journeys often start with somebody choosing or being thrown into a new or challenging situation. Other times, meaningfull learning is the product of a conscious intention and careful design, planning and organization. An agile learner cultivates her ability to discern when is fertile to let her learning flow with life and when she needs to self- design her learning process. The Cloud Tower is composed of three Areas: Wayfinding, Focus & Strategy. A full path through it starts at Wayfinding which clarifies direction, continues through Focus where a clear and close enough objective is set and ends in Strategy where a Plan is crafted. The trick of this crossway is to sense how far

back do you need to start the design of your learning and when you have a good enough design to jump into practice. Notice how your enthusiasm fluctuates when anticipating each option.