A Leadership Summer School organized by teenagers for teenagers. Bearing in mind this camp came into being through the effort of teenagers, its proficiency should not be subjected doubt. It’s an advanced level course for junior leaders

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About Our Camp

Goal Setting

This concept was first examined by Edwin Locke, an American psychologist, around the 60’s, after being inspired by Aristotle’s final causality. His theory implied that having a purpose leads to taking action. Locke highlighted the fact that the link between clear goals and performance is strong, having positive outcomes, like directed effort, persistence and commitment.
Today, goal-setting evolved into something more than a simple concept. It’s an important part of personal development and self-management. It became a useful tool for both personal and professional purposes. At just a google search away, you can find numerous techniques, tips and tricks to help you stay motivated and pursue your well-defined goal.
Goal-setting will surely be part of the camp’s trainings, as a practical method for your leadership skills development. Stay tuned for more overviews on trainers and program.


Feedback has been around us since humans started talking, but we began to consciously use it a few decades ago. Since then, it has become almost an art form, with many “subspecies” and techniques to properly offer and receive it. It’s one of the pillars of a healthy interpersonal communication which leads us to improved relationships in all aspects of life, from friendships to the professional environment you’re involved in. If you want to find out more about the strong link between feedback and leadership, stay tuned and join us in the uLead camp!

Inspiration and the Inspiring Leaders

Being an inspiring leader is one of the several challenges you have to face in order to succeed when it comes to leading a team. It means pouring passion and ambition into everything you do. Through the power of example and through all your words and actions, you can become, without even realizing it, an incredible source of inspiration. If you want to find out more, join us in the first leadership camp for teenagers in Romania!


When developing the leader within yourself, an important step is to get to know your team and help it find its ideal balance in order to work at its highest potential. Teamwork is an essential factor that contributes to achieving harmony and a proper working atmosphere. It can be developed through numerous activities between team members. You will be challenged to create a proper working atmosphere for your team in our training and courses as part of uLead’s program. Join us for more insights on teamwork and how to apply it in real life, when having to work with a group of people.


Negotiation is, consciously or unconsciously, part of our daily activities. Whether you’re trying to come to an agreement with your friend on which restaurant to go to, or you’re trying to sell your bike at a reasonable price, it’s somehow present in our interpersonal interaction. You probably can already imagine that it’s a skill which needs to be developed as part of the evolution of a leader. It’s useful to explore more of this area of negotiation and not just leave it at an instinctual stage, as many of us do. Want to find out more? Stay tuned for further information!




Lyda Michopoulou

International Training Coordinator

Lyda believes in a life made up of learning, inner peace and true freedom. She is an innovator & a visionary, a freelance trainer with an apt for crazy ideas and unique projects. Called by life itself and her curiosity into the training world, she has been on a journey of what it means to shape the world, personally and collectively. Lyda’s work is about designing interactive, playful events where its participants learn through activities and games. Also, she coaches & mentors new trainers towards their path to personal development. Lyda is also involved with the Art of Hosting world.
In this amazing journey that we call life, Lyda notices the small things like a song, a smile, a graffiti on the wall, a flower blossoming, a crazy idea. She is a member of Zero Generation and current LSS Coordinator.

Irina Stefănescu

I am a curious and enthusiastic learning partner, accompanying people and their organizations to develop for over 20 years, using action methods with great joy. As a facilitator / trainer / group or individual coach / sociodramatist / consultant, I have the privilege to learn every single day with and from people I interact with in Romania, Republic of Moldova, Switzerland, UK or anywhere else in Europe. As a volunteer facilitator I work a lot with children, youth and their teachers to make learning active, fun and sticky. Learnity fan, passionate traveler and dancer, proud mother, devoted daughter, loving wife, loyal friend, I enjoy life every day.
See you in uLead camp!

Irina Ionescu

Irina is a soulful trainer and coach, passionate about personal growth and introspection. A heart with great sensibility (been an artist most of her life), she helps people discover their authentic self and authentic expression, vulnerability and embracing fears. She likes combining arts together with training for creating the perfect setting, story or session to transmit her message. Her favorite tools are music, Labyrinth theatre, using the sense and guided meditation.
With over 1000 hours of training, she collaborates closely with Scoala de Valori, where she helps empower teenagers and students through non formal education programs all over Romania and abroad. In the meanwhile,she is creating her own workshops on connecting with senses and Authentic Relating.
Her international experience started at the age of 9 with her first music tour outside Romania. With over 20 years of choir experience, she traveled the world, connecting with people from all the continents. As a trainer, she has been involved in 7 international training experiences.

Gudmundur Haraldsson

Professional Trainer

I’m Gummi. Coming from the small country but quite the big island, Iceland. Growing up in a small town of 1000 people has many positive aspects, like safety, freedom and nature, but a small place does not have all the beautiful challenges of the massive world we live in. The world can seem quite scary for a small town kid from Iceland, and it did for a bit, but travelling has made a lot of scary things turn out to be quite allright. So I’ve taken on the challenge of making the world a bit less scary and a lot more beautiful, and empowering people to do the same, or finding their own thing in life.
A part from that I like too many things to count out here. If I could split my day into 10.000 activities, I could probably find things I’m missing. Like so many people, I want to know/learn everything.
In the end it’s just about moving on, one thing at a time, and enjoying the moment with friends, strangers and family.

Tatiana Bochiuk

I became a trainer in 2014: inspired by many trainers I wanted to create for others the same development opportunities as training gave to me. I see training as growth, a chance to learn not only about the world around but also yourself. And it works for both: the participants of the training session and the trainer himself. Which reflects one of my core life values – development. Having attended and delivered many training sessions, I now successfully implement the learnt skills in daily professional (working as Project Manager at Dell) and personal life. I believe that training helps to create new generation leaders – open-minded, confident, goal-oriented, efficient and emotionally intelligent. And I am there to help people develop and improve those skills.

Cătălin Aldea

Cătălin believes that education is the best way you can make a positive change in the world. That is why in the last 2 years and a half we has worked in non-formal education projects for youth. He is an extrovert with a lots of energy, loves taking his information from meaningful talks and is a people oriented person.

Reflection Groups

At the end of every day each participant will be assigned to a group of 8 – 10 members led by one of the trainers. For an hour they are encouraged to share their challenges of the day and set steps and goals for themselves for the event and beyond.



Pillow fight is a must in every sleepover. It’s a very good way to release stress, it’s also a great exercise for teambuilding that will help our comunity to get closer.

Theme Party

Fun and learning go well together, right? Our evenings are spiced with Pajama Parties, Masquerades and why not, a pillow fight! Join the fun and register as soon as possible.

Capture The Flag

Team work vs. Competition. Which mindset works better for the concept of Leadership? What does each challenge bring to a developing personality? We are about to find out in this competition based game that relies on cooperation.

Inspiration Islands

Making good use of space and location is a must! Every corner of our lovley hotel hides an inspiring quote, person or picture. If you are looking for inspiration this is the place where you will certainly find it. Have a one-on-one talk with one of the speakers, a “blind date” with another participant or simply lose yourself in the beautiful scenery that sorrounds Hotel Royal.

Inspiring Talks

Inspired by TED Talks? Why not join one and share your own inspiring story? We encourage youth to join the stage together with role models and speakers and share their own experience. A brave leader finds comfort outside the comfort zone and will be trained to speak in front of large audiences. Breaking barriers will be part of our daily experience during uLEAD summer school.


The treasure hunt is a game in which you’re going to get hints about other hints and so on…. until you get the hint that leads to the treasure. It will  caught your mind trying to understand the game of words written in the hints.

Hike In The Forest

It’s a great way to re-evaluate yourself, really understand what you haved learned through the trainings and also a wonderful way to clear your mind.


We dedicate this event to the youth and our methods are adapted to their young style and needs of stimulative learning. We use action methods in our non formal education methods, and take into consideration multiple types of intelligence by teasing both the critical thinking mind and the moving body.


Vila House Of River – Moeciu de sus


  • Until April 15th: 1000 RON
  • April 16th – May 20th: 1200 RON
  • May 21st – July 15th: 1500 RON


Already Registered!









Who are we looking for?

High-school students or fresh graduates with an on-going passion in leadership, specifically in its social and personal branches, with an exercised prowess in either school related activities or other such formal or informal environments. Are you satisfied with your intellectual and emotional development? Would you be enticed to learn how to put your qualities and talents in good use, be briefed in how to interact, motivate and direct a group towards achieveing a common purpose? Be warned: throughout this summer-school you will be met by internationally acclaimed professionals, who will require not only your unyielding attention and open-minded attitude, but also a direct, personal input to further provide an interactive learning experience. Most of them do not speak Romanian, so a decent knowledge of English is an obvious demand so communication can be properly facilitated. It would be nice if you had a certificate to testify it, but it is not paramount, we will extract your level of English from your motivation otherwise. We do not take things so seriously, if you are a laid-back, talented person, genuinely keen on leadership we will probably hop you right in the wagon.

We raised 25%

We aim to offer the best experience for our participants. Our goal is to cover materials, prizes and scholarships for high school students that apply. We have raised 25% of our 3000€ goal that covers trainers’ expenses.

Our Team

We all met the word “motivation” in many different contexts. Whether it was as an advice from teachers, or one of the many “motivational” quotes we find on the internet with a pretty image and artistic font. Although people know what motivation is, there is one problem. They don’t find that pure motivation, the one which makes you not notice how time passes, the one which drives you into hours of work, just because you love what you’re doing. A kind of motivation which, once it’s in your bones, you need more than one barrier to make it go away.
A lot of people choose not to seek it anymore, because for them there’s no purpose in it and they get to a point in which they lost the motivation to search for…motivation. There is no instruction manual which presents all the steps that will, for sure, bring you to an ideal level. When we talk about individuals and their motivation, it’s hard to throw suggestions at them that will work for anyone. What we can do is to integrate this individual in a team of people that find their inspiration together. Among a team’s members, there will always be at least one person, who is the motivator. The one who, through the power of example, shows that it’s not that hard to get to work. All a team needs is one soul with a precise purpose and well-founded wish to influence the team’s level of motivation. A motivated group of people filled with ambition know tips and tricks that keep pulses of it going. The ground-level of their functioning is communication.
I truly believe that the ULead team has the characteristics of a motivated team. And because I don’t want to start praising all the wonderful human beings filled with energy and passion, I will begin with…the beginning. Most of us already knew each other, being part of Learnity, the community from which it all started. What brought us closer was firstly a well-defined purpose and a person that offered us the necessary drive. Her name is Ana and she’s our guide, who’s always behind us, showing us the way through tasks and deadlines. She was our first source of motivation before we actually started becoming a team. Then, every single one of us, after finding his/her place, caught the team’s energy and started working with passion and determination. When asked what motivates them to stay part of the ULead team, most of them aimed their response towards concepts like the lack of a comfort zone, a beautiful environment offered by Learnity and the purpose of spreading skills among teenagers, meant to awaken their inner leader. The desire to transmit something and working for a bigger purpose than their own existence seems to be the main source of motivation. We, of course, use lots of small tricks: learning games, energizers that improve our mood and make us laugh out loud, the lack of a tensioned atmosphere and…pizza eaten at all the team’s meetings. A few cool exercises of team building and… that’s how we formed our team :)
That’s how we want our camp to look like. We wish to create a small world full of games, conscious learning, waves of motivation and people who inspire through their words. An ideal universe, that we want to expand until we reach all the enthusiastic young people of Romania. So, do you want to join us?
Zero Generation


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